We believe God has gifted each one of us with various forms of grace and Grace Teams are the way we faithfully administer serving in the local church body. We also believe when you bring your strength to a Grace Team and walk in the works for which you were created, you will experience a deep satisfaction in serving God’s purposes like no other venture in life. Everyone’s willingness to serve is celebrated here!

Each team is led by a trusted leader who has demonstrated passion and gifting for their area of ministry and each team leader is overseen by an elder. This allows a tremendous freedom of expression while ensuring we’re on track with the overall vision God has given us. For more information select one of the teams below.

DCF Kids

The structure for all DCF Kids classes is consistent so that children will feel secure each week.  Since all of these teams work with our children, a background check and specific training is required. The Eldership retains the right to select and approve workers who, in our opinion, best serve the needs of the children and their families.

  • Toddler/Nursery (Infant thru 3yrs)
    Our Toddler/Nursery is designed to be an exciting, safe and interactive environment where our children can be loved as well as learn about Jesus. Lessons are short, reinforced with music and story, with a major emphasis on fun!
  • Pre-K (3yrs potty trained – 5yrs)
    Pre – K is designed to be an exciting, safe and interactive environment where our children can learn about Jesus. Lessons are short and reinforced with crafts and games. The structure is consistent so that children will feel secure. *Children are required to be potty trained to enter the class.
  • DCF Kids (1st – 6th Grade)
    DCF Kids is designed to be an exciting, safe and interactive environment where our children can learn about Jesus.  Lessons are fast paced, with an emphasis on the presence and grace of God.  Small groups immediately follow the lessons, giving the kids a chance to discuss what they are learning.
DCF Youth

DCF Youth is structured to help students discover their Identity in Christ, their spiritual gifts, personalities and passions and how they all work together to be a positive force for their culture.
The teenage years can be a roller coaster ride for both young people and their parents, filled with excitement and emotions. Parents, we want to reinforce the call God has on the family and support you on this journey. We love young people and believe God speaks and works through them just as He does through all of us.
Since this team works with young people, a background check and specific training is required. The Eldership retains the right to select and approve workers who, in our opinion, best serve the needs of the youth and their families.

Live Production

The role of the Live Production Team is to incorporate Visual Worship (presentation of graphics, video and lyrics), Lights (auditorium & stage lighting scenes), the Sound Board (enhanced audio) and Stage Assistants.  Surrounding live services (and online services), they collectively create a compelling, distraction-free audiovisual environment where people can encounter the Holy Spirit.

The Prayer Team plays an essential role in sustaining the vitality of DCF community. We follow Jesus in all respects of our service by demonstrating love and compassion while faithfully ministering to the needs of all people attending Sunday services, prophetically and prayerfully. These needs may include healing, peace, encouragement, salvation, deliverance, and others.

Worship Team

The role of the Worship Team is to create an environment in which people experience the presence of God. Leading God’s people in the essential spiritual discipline of worship is this team’s privilege and responsibility. The worship team is committed to service in the following areas:

  • Heart- Being passionate about the presence of God and living a life that reflects the Love of Christ. [Psalm 24:4]
  • Excellence- Excelling in musicianship and continually developing the talents that God has given you. [Psalm 33:3]
  • Community- Growing relationally with the team and having a genuine love for people. [Phil. 2:1-4]