About Us

Our Story

In 1974, a group of young people set out to do something radical in Dothan, Alabama… plant a church. Inspired by the Jesus Movement, they began meeting in homes, focusing on how to live church out biblically. Within a year of planting, DCF began to experience significant growth, with people moving to the city just to be a part of what was happening. Eventually DCF merged with another fellowship, Dothan Covenant Church forming the congregation we know today.

Throughout the 1980’s, DCF connected with various international leaders who helped build into the foundations a deep sense of community, an openness to the Holy Spirit, and a mandate to reach the nations, without losing focus on the local body of Christ.

In early 2010, through DCF’s relationship with NCMI, David and Karen Hale stepped into the role of Lead Elders/Pastors. David & Karen have brought over 20 years of leadership experience, a heart for authentic relationships, and an intentionality in creating space for God’s people to walk into all the fullness He has for them. Building upon a rich heritage and history, God is continually doing new things here at DCF.

Our Leadership

Through the course of history, the church has adopted numerous titles and positions to define church leadership.  However, the Bible only speaks of two…elders and deacons.  The word “elder” is used interchangeably with overseer and shepherd (or pastor) and describes the same office/person.  Elders are the highest human authority within a local church and they are responsible for leading and governing the church (setting direction, establishing doctrine, exercising discipline) as they faithfully follow Jesus Christ – the Head of the Church.  Even though the husband is ordained as the elder, we believe both the husband and his wife are called into this expression of church leadership together.  As the need arises, elders appoint deacons to assist them in leading the church.

David Hale
Lead Elder

Dave is passionate about teaching foundational truths in authentic, practical ways. He also loves to create space for people to express their God-given grace gifts, bringing them to maturity and enabling them to access their full inheritance.

Karen Hale

Karen has been ministering with Dave for almost 30 years and is known for her prophetic gifting and words of encouragement. Her passion is for ladies' ministry and to see people's lives transformed through encountering grace and the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

We transform lives

Transformation is our bottom line. We long to see people moved from “informed” to “transformed” by the Gospel.

by encountering

We believe in experiencing God’s love, not just knowing it exists. It’s about letting that love in and allowing it to change you. Our love grows as we discover more of who He is.


It’s not about what we can do for God, it’s living by what God has already done for His people. Jesus died on the cross so that we could live a life empowered and set apart by Grace.

and the Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit is the comforter, guide, and the One who leads us into all truth. He is our step into authentic relationship with the Lord.

What We Believe